LFC 13

On August 17th, Steven “Ocho” Peterson (6-2) faces fellow Dallas area fighter, Octagon MMA’s Matt Hobar (5-0). Peterson was impressive at Legacy FC 8, submitting the well regarded Steve Garcia (9-5), but both Peterson and Hobar have demonstrated they possess the ability to finish fights.


Legacy: When we last saw you in Legacy, you defeated Steve Garcia by a guillotine. What are your thoughts on that fight?

SP: My fight with Steve Garcia was a really fast-paced fight. He made a small mistake in the scramble, left his neck exposed, and I capitalized and finished the fight.


Legacy:  How did you get started in MMA?

SP: I grew up in L.A. and got in a lot of fights growing up. I moved to McKinney, Texas when I was 15, and didn’t really fit in at first, which led to getting in a lot more fights. I grew to love the thrill of fighting, and got into MMA to see how far I could take it.


Legacy:  You’re coming off a close split decision loss in Bellator to Chris Jones; did you think you should have gotten the win?

SP: I felt I won that fight, and I’m sure Chris did as well; I fight to finish, and I feel that I did more damage in that fight. That being said, I can’t leave it in the hands of the judges. He played a smart game and scored points with takedowns, but didn’t do much damage. It’s hard to say what looks better in the judge’s eyes nowadays. Do you go for takedowns and try to win on points, or is this a fight and we try and finish each other?


Legacy:  What are your thoughts about the fight with Matt Hobar?

SP: Matt seems to be a good wrestler, but he hasn’t been tested yet. I plan on testing him, and exploiting any holes in his game early to finish him by mid round 2.


Legacy:  Is it good to be in front of a home crowd?

SP: It’s been quite a while since I’ve been in front of a home crowd. There’s going to be a lot of fans for both sides there, so it should be interesting.


Legacy: How’s training going?

SP: Training’s going great, and I’ve never been more ready for an opponent than I am for Matt Hobar.


Legacy: What are your plans after this fight?

SP: Hopefully, after I win this fight, Mick will give me a shot at the belt


Legacy: When you are not fighting or training, what other things do you do with your time?

SP: I watch my son Keison all day, while my wife Amanda works. Keison comes with me to the gym, we go home and watch fights and footage all day; then when his mom gets home, I go back to the gym for more training. Besides my wife and son, MMA is my life, job, and hobby.

Legacy:  Anyone you’d like to thank?

SP: I’d like to thank my coaches: Carlos Merano, JD Shelley, Dave Masi and all of my training partners; NDMMA CHEETAH Muay Thai, Crossfit 380, and my sponsors: Last Round Nutrition, Just Break It, VIP Mouthguards and Fear Tapping Out.